The Sense of Thirst – Water between geopolitics, rights, art and spirituality

di: Speranza Fausta

With a letter to the author from Pope Francis
Prefaces by Vandana Shiva and Pasquale Ferrara
Introductions by Francesco Profumo and Leonardo Becchetti
Afterword by Stefano Ceccanti
With a poem by Plinio Perilli
(Author: Fausta Speranza)

The deep link between water and the right to health is one of the themes dealt with in denouncing the urgent social and geopolitical issues inherent in the most essential of human resources. In an era marked by the pandemic, by environmental disasters linked to climate change, by the phenomenon of Earth Overshoot Day, water is “analysed” as an emblem of the planet’s natural balance that human beings cannot destroy without annihilating themselves. The denunciation of issues that cannot be postponed, such as the ever less obvious right of access to drinking water, or drought, the cause of conflicts and migratory flows, is accompanied by an analysis of the spiritual, cultural and artistic dimension with which man has looked to the natural element, the source of life par excellence. The cry of the scientists, in fact, is waiting to be re-launched by a powerful leap of ethical awareness. Lest we forget that, as the philosopher-anthropologist Loren Eiseley said, “If there is any magic on this planet, it is contained in the water”.



ISBN: 9788868617158
Collana: Catalogo Stampati
Caratteristiche: Formato cm. 14,5x21,5, copertina a colori plastificata opaca, filo refe
Anno di pubblicazione: 2023
Numero di pagine: 252
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Autori: Speranza Fausta